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Rigid 90° 50mm Magnet

  • 50mm switchable magnets 550 lb holding power each
  • Holds steel at 90 degrees for fabricating and welding

  • Reduces need for clamps and works where clamps cannot

  • Magnets reverse and are versatile for inside or outside hold

  • Magnets can be adjusted along the bracket for smaller or larger work pieces

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PART: RGD50-90

Heavy Duty Lifter Magnet

Heavy duty switchable lifting magnet allows you to lift 3/4-inch-thick steel up to 1,000 lbs. Uses three 70mm magnets. Turn magnetic power on and off with a half turn of the handle. Holds on flat and round materials. MLAY1000x3 8100403

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PART: HL1000

"Single 50" Heavy Lifter

Switchable magnet rated at 175 lbs on 1/2" and thicker flat metal. Rated at 80 lbs for round. MLAY600 8100089


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Magnetic Hand Lifter

60 lb capacity magnetic hand lifter for moving small steel plate and pipe. Move hot or sharp metal plate and pipe without touching the surface. 60-M 8100359


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Multi-Angle Magvise

Dual function workholding angle tool and quick connect/disconnect switchable magnetic vise. Holds up to 1,000 lbs on thick steel. Features 45/135° + 60/120°+ 75/105° + 90° angles.


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